Monday 9 February 2015

Jackets: the new Indian obsession

I know for sure one thing you have discussed in the last few days - Narendra Modi’s jacket with his name used in the weave. The country has developed a renewed interest in jackets. Wearing suits and jackets used to be special occasion wear for our Dads worn for weddings or formal parties. Over the years the jacket has evolved, become more affordable, flexible and fashionable. It is has become part of a style statement worn by both men and women for formal, semi formal and also casual occasions.

A jacket adds color, style, formality, pizzazz to your outfit and makes you look sharper.

Whatever the kind of jacket - sports jacket, blazer, suit jacket or even a vest – the fit is what make or breaks the look. Large oversized jackets with big lapels are for grandfather’s closet. How does one know how to select a good jacket? 
Here are some pointers to give you that edge when you choose a jacket for yourself -

Fit: A well fitted jacket will be soft and draping at the hips and shoulders but brought in a bit at the waist and chest. You want the jacket to be stationary while you move. The fabric should not crease, tug or billow with movement.

Vents: The movement of the jacket is dependent on the venting - the presence and number of slits running upward from the base of the jacket. The double vented jacket is the one that offers the best and comfort fit that helps with movement.

Length: The bottom of a formal jacket should cover the bottom curve of the buttocks. This is largely for men. For women, it will depend on their body shape.

Sleeves: Ideally half inch of shirt cuff visible under the jacket sleeve.

Lapels: Lapels are the folded pieces of cloth that cover the chest. For a timeless jacket the lapels should be 3 inches to 3 ½ inches wide. Narrow lapels are more contemporary. Wider lapels are old school.

Getting the fit of the jacket right will enhance your body shape and overall image instantaneously. One can pair a jacket with crisp shirts or kurtas and well fitted dark jeans or trousers.

A wardrobe must have is a blazer which is a navy blue jacket that is cut more casually, has patch pockets and usually gold or silver buttons. For a more casual look, pair a blazer with jeans or chinos in a lighter colour. A suit jacket is to be worn with the suit only and is usually made of finer fabric.

Go ahead and add vests and jackets to your wardrobe. The colour, texture, pattern, fabric can be chosen according to the occasion (informal to formal), place and weather. Light cotton and Linen jackets are great for summers while blends work well for all seasons.

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