Saturday 18 June 2022


I have been fascinated by spaces between musical notes... Its spaces that make a piece of music so special. The meaning, the emotions change.

It's similar to life. Spaces make relationships special and valued. More exciting too. You look forward to spending time with someone and that time spent is more valuable, more fun and exciting because you dont know when you'll get it again. You don't take the person or that time for granted. 

Its the same with your relationship with life. Create spaces. Don't stuff it with things, to do lists, relationships that stifle you. Spaces will help you listen, tune in to your rhythm. Tune in to the rhythm of the Universe. Be quiet. You'll understand you know it all. That life runs within you. That the Universe runs within you. You are the Originator, the Creator. 

Its the same with your relationship with yourself. Give yourself the space to Be. Then one can Learn and Grow and Create. Allow space. We are made of spaces. Of a rhythm that flows through us. If we can sing to our own music, we can experience a freedom and space of our own. A place where we can be ourselves. Free of everything. All need. All want. All bonds. We could learn to go that place anytime and stay there. 

So let's contemplate on Spaces in ourselves, our relationships, our lives and living. Maybe that'll help us find and tune in to our own rhythm and make our lives a beautiful piece of music. 

How it translates for me 

You don't own or control anything or anyone. You came with nothing. You are a creation of The Divine. You are here to make music. To sing to your tune. If you have forgotten it. Find it. 

Don't hold on to anything or anyone too tight. Allow them their space. They have to live out their karma and their lives. Even though it may not be easy, allow it with kindness and peace. 

Create space and time and love for yourself. You and others around you will be better off. Experience life for yourself. Go within. Alone. Minus dependency on any name, place, animal thing.

Do share how it translates for you. Maybe I can try them out too.