Wednesday 18 March 2015

How to make monochromatic work for you

Monochromatic literally means having or consisting of one color or hue. 

In fashion it means dressing from head to toe in one color. However, it’s not as boring as it sounds. Wearing a monochromatic outfit makes a bold statement and can really make us look chic. The best part is we tend to look slimmer and taller in monochromatic outfits. We are familiar with the date night ritual of all black.

How to pull off a great monochromatic look?

  • Different shades of the same color works well. Try shades of brown and rust or light and dark blues.

  • Play with textures and create an interesting effect.  Interesting texture combinations can be created using - Silk (which has a natural sheen), Wool (the dull, more subtle texture), Lace, Leather (whether used for a jacket, skirt or as trimming for clothes). A beige silk blouse or shirt paired with a leather jacket in the same color will look attractive.

We can make this work in the office too. Formal dressing works well in this scheme and the textures make an interesting statement. Use the duller fabric from the part of the body you want to draw attention away. The eyes get naturally drawn to the brighter fabric and this can be effectively used.

  • The key to pulling together a great monochromatic look is in the accessories. No outfit is complete without the right shoes and accessories. Accessories should ideally be of the same color but you can get away with a touch of another color. For example if you dress in a blue outfit, a silver necklace would be perfect.

Of course, we are comfortable trying neutrals but do try combinations beyond neutrals like reds, pinks, oranges, rust. 

Look into your wardrobe and pull out tops, bottoms and accessories of the same color and experiment with a new look.

See my pinterest board for more monochromatic outfits

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