Thursday 5 March 2015

Wear Colors Of Spring - Holi Hai!

When trees sprout brilliant green leaves and the koels start cooing, we know spring is here. And it’s also time for the festival of colors – Holi. We Indians enjoy wearing bright colors most of the time and are perhaps most experimental with our color selection. However, some basics need to be kept in mind when wearing colors. One can wear almost any color but it’s the combination of colors that makes the difference. Its not only what you wear but how and where you wear it.

So why do we need to pay attention to colors? Colors draw attention to a particular part of body, they create illusions and they communicate moods and messages. For example Navy Blue communicates authority, stability and is classic, dignified. Orange communicates activity, adventure, creativity and is joyful, lively. Generally the lighter color attracts the eye, so if you want attention away from a particular area, wear a dark color there.
 It is recommended that 80% of our wardrobes comprise of neutral colors and 20% accent colors.

What are Neutral colors?
·       Muted or less bright a color is neutral
·       Adds versatility to your wardrobe by helping mix-n-match
·       Can easily combine with other colors that are brighter or darker
·       Neutrals go with a wide range of occasions and moods
·       Examples - Colors in tints and shades of cream, beige, brown, olive green, blue, grey,               black and white, etc. These colors build the basis of your wardrobe.

What are Accent colours?

·       Colours that add pop to your outfit are accent colours
·       Brighter than the wardrobe neutral combined with it. They are strong, intense,                         flamboyant.
·       Can combine with very few other clothes
·       These depend on personal preference and even the current fashion trends
·       Examples – fuchsia, shocking pink, lime green, canary yellow, tangerine, etc

How do you use/combine neutral and accent colors?
·       You can add accent colors to your neutral outfit by using bright colors as scarves, ties,             necklaces, dupattas and other accessories.
·       At the workplace accent colors should be used in very small proportion to neutral                     because you don’t want to distract co-workers. You need to be taken seriously.
·       On social occasions – one can use slightly larger amounts of accent colors

Someone who uses neutral and accent colors really well is Mr. Navjot Singh Siddhu.  We also admired Kate Blanchett's Oscar gown in black with the aquamarine accent piece.

Wearing colors also depends on other factors like personal hair and skin color etc.

Try creating different color combinations using different amounts of accent and neutral colors depending on the occasion and make your outfits chic and colorful. It is the festival of colors after all!

For interesting options on using accent colors in outfits check my pinterest board

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