Sunday 3 July 2022


Judgement is ego poking at us from fear or pride. It is an idea of perfection in our head, based on our conditioning. 


Judgement prevents us from being present because we’re addressing a situation or a person from our pre conceived ideas and notions that may be unclear. 


Once we let judgement go, life becomes more peaceful. We start accepting situations and people more readily. We're able to see and hear the other person better by being present to ourselves and others. Connections become more comfortable and relaxed.  

It's also about respecting the other for who they are. Once we decide we don't want or need to judge and be judged, we react differently to situations and people. The other person has the right to be treated without bias. So do you. 

Anything of course that we want to apply to the outer world, we must apply to our inner world first. So if it’s no judgment of another, then it's no judgment of myself too! Hard yet important. Worth trying. Its freeing yourself from pressure!

Once you become more accepting of yourself as you are, you tend to become accepting of others just the way they are. Its liberating not just for you but for the other person as well. Nobody's under any pressure or wearing masks. It opens you up more to this amazing world and to connections. Beautiful new connections surprise you. 

How does this translate for me


Become aware and say ‘nah ah No Judgy’, when I'm forming opinions based on my ideas or conditioning or experience 


When I'm being hard on myself... I say to myself... It's okay I still love you. I love you just the way you are. It’s okay. You're okay. 


  1. A very thoughtful writing. All you say is so true. However, it's tough to put it in practice. A lot of work is to be done on oneself firat. That's the key, I believe. Thanks again for sharing yet another lobely aspect of life!

    1. Thank you Abhijit! Yes it is very tough but just by being aware of it helps.

  2. A very important issue. But the point is how many will even try to be non-judgmental. Still it needs to be highlighted. We have to keep trying to make our world a better place to live.

    1. I think we have to try to make ourselves better first. The world will change.