Wednesday 13 July 2022

Never Feel Homesick

I’ve been thinking about Home and what/where is home. Trying to figure this out since I like to and want to travel. Is my home within me? I’d like to think so, but I’d like the concept to be clear to me and sink in.

Well, there is the physical concept of home – its warmth and comforts. What is Home? Home is your space – a physical space but not just that – it’s a space of love, peace, joy, caring, nurturing, a space where you’re comfortable with yourself, your guard is down, you are more yourself, you are relaxed. Can you feel that within yourself so it’s not very different when you travel? So you won’t feel lost. 


External circumstances and environment may change. What doesn’t change? 

My anchor and my radar! 


So, what’s your anchor? – my values, my experience, my confidence, my belief in myself, my priorities. 


Your radar? – is the direction I want to take, the kind of life I want to live. Am I clear about that? Yes, I am.

Learning, Growing, Experiencing. I want to be more present to myself so I can experience life to its fullest. Ways to do that – exercise, meditation, focus on breathing, being aware of your thoughts. (Incorporate into daily routine)

Nature, different thinking, cultures, learning new things, being open. Living life in each moment. Fully. 


Then why do we feel lost at times? When we take on and live other people’s energies/lives/way of thinking/expectations. Let’s be more aware of that. Behavior and reactions should be yours, not influenced. 


Important to be most comfortable with yourself, just the way you are – accepting, loving, being your own best friend, enjoying your own company.


They say Home is where the Heart is. Focus on and choose more and more of those activities (and people) that fill you with Joy. Focus on yourself. The more Know Yourself, the clearer you’ll be. 


How does this translate for me?

1.     Love and be kind to yourself, no matter what

2.     Exercise, meditate, focus on breathing, focus on thoughts

3.     Focus on all that brings you JOY and LOVE

4. Remember Anchor and Radar always, especially when you’re lost – that’s Home. You can stay in that place or go to it anytime, anywhere. 


  1. Thanks for presenting us with yet another unique thought of yours to lead life differently, but more confidently and joyfully. Looking within, spending joyful time with oneself are a few hardest things to practice in life. Will definitely try though.

  2. Home is actually where your heart is. I truly believe that. To me, no matter how much I look within and discover happiness, if I can't share it with my loved ones whom I am most comfortable to be with, something remains incomplete. So, yes, home is just not a physical space, but a space that is nurtured regularly. Thanks